Restoring Ecosystems is Our Business

Replanting once healthy forests that sequester carbon, fighting invasive species that degrade biodiversity, restoring damaged wetlands that retain stormwater, filter groundwater and provide critical habitat—E|R implements environmental action at-scale today to ensure we have thriving communities for generations to come.

Three forces with whom it is frequently difficult to reckon: Nature, Government and Markets. E|R understands how to navigate them all (sometimes simultaneously).

Possessing the technical know-how and boots-in-the-mud experience required for durable, high-quality ecosystem restoration, the kind of bold vision necessary to capitalize on environmental offset markets as well as patient attention to the details and processes essential to success within the context of Government-sponsored or Agency-regulated projects, our clients trust us to negotiate all of the obstacles and deliver wins.

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Why Choose Us?


ECO|RESTORE has carried out successful ecological restoration within complex state and federal regulatory frameworks and in dynamic, highly regulated ecosystem markets. Our team has the experience required to anticipate and exceed the expectations of regulators, to strictly adhere to success protocols and navigate competitive offset markets.


E|R’s internal project management and budget processes are rigorous without being rigid. That is, we pride ourselves on being nimble and able to respond quickly when the dynamic nature of, well, Nature requires it. Furthermore, our Ownership and Executive team has always been and always will be committed to being closely involved in projects and completely accessible to our clients.


Twenty-five years in the restoration business has allowed E|R to develop a vast network of experts and specialists in every discipline required to deliver superior projects, no matter how large or complex.


Ecosystem Restoration Contractors

Scientists and technical experts, field-tested labor resources, seed suppliers, growers, planters, equipment operators, legal and financial advisors, logistics providers, GIS and mapping technicians…if the talent is needed to get a project in the ground, we have the team to make it happen.

We are dedicated to performing durable environmental restoration that will provide significant economic benefits to our stakeholders and partners as well as long-term quality of life benefits to the communities in which we work.

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