Martin Goldin

Chief Executive Officer

Martin Goldin is the primary long-term business and financial strategist for ECO|RESTORE.  For over 65 years the Goldin family has actively owned and operated real estate and construction materials related companies including readimix concrete facilities, metal building component manufacturing, steel service centers, commercial and residential real estate development and wetlands mitigation banking interests in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Darrin Harris

Chief of Restoration Implementation

Darrin Harris is an expert in restoration and environmental field operations. Harris has owned and supervised all manner of earth moving equipment and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of land management and restoration plan implementation. Darrin’s decades of experience in the field have resulted in a significant measure of predictability in the inherently unpredictable field of ecosystem restoration—a trait that is of obvious benefit to ECO|RESTORE projects. He has impeccable credibility with the regulatory agencies based on his knowledge, experience and education in all aspects of environmental land management.

Brandon Pike

President and Chief Operating Officer

In 1999, Brandon Pike co-founded Wetlands Solutions, LLC along with Martin Goldin in order to meet what they saw as a growing need for wetlands mitigation and ecosystem restoration in South Mississippi. Since 2004, Pike has served as the Managing Member of Wetlands Solutions and is a Founder and the Manager of ECO|RESTORE, overseeing all operations for the Company including permitting, market expansions, business development, government relations, marketing  and sales.

Stan Arbaczauskas

Director of Ecology and Regulatory Compliance

Stan Arbaczauskas has extensive experience in all aspects of wetland ecology. He is a graduate of the University of South Alabama with a B.S. in biology/chemistry. Since 2000, Arbaczauskas has  been active in environmental consulting, working both hands-on in the field as well as behind the scenes with critical elements of design and permitting, allowing him to understand and appreciate the relationship between a well-conceived restoration plan on paper and the realities associated with implementing those plans in a dynamic and sometimes unpredictable natural setting.