Background, Landscape & Habitat

The project site is located south of Stennis Space Center, north of Interstate 10 and east of Highway 607 in Hancock County,  Mississippi. Previously a site used for commercial timber production, the dense planting of pine, combined with bedding to increase timber growth, altered the native vegetative community.

Restoration Activities

– Controlled burning of densely-stocked plantation pine to establish a more natural canopy coverage.

– Removal of raised beds to allow for normal surface flow and water table across the site.

– Removal of beavers and obstructions to restore natural hydrology to impacted acreage.

– Trees planted to replace those killed by flooding.

– Elimination of Chinese tallow.

Notable Achievements

  • 1,500 acres of bedded plantation pine restored to natural grade.
  • Natural fire regime restored; vital wetland ecosystem returned to pre-disturbance conditions.
  • Significant water quality improvements within the Pearl River Basin.